Welcome to the campaign page of Jeremy Wong, seeking to represent you in Calgary Mountain View!


Message from Jeremy:

Since we started campaigning in June, my team and I have door knocked thousands of homes in Calgary Mountain View. You have received my letters and brochures, and by now, I have most likely knocked on your door and chatted with you. 

From the thousands of conversations that I have had with residents, these are the top concerns I have heard:

  • Restoring the economy and supporting our oil and gas sector
  • Getting pipelines built and standing up to the Liberal government in fighting for Alberta's interests, including repealing the carbon tax
  • Taking control of our debt and inefficient spending in this province
  • Protecting parental rights in the education of children and ensuring equitable funding
  • Fighting for the principle of limited government and preserving the freedoms of citizens

I have also heard from you that is important to have a candidate that:

  • Will lead with integrity, build trust with constituents and listen to concerns
  • Actually lives in our riding of Calgary- Mountain View and is connected to the decisions that impact the lives of residents here
  • Has lived, worked and served in Alberta and understands the consequences that the NDP government has inflicted on families
  • Represents true conservative values and is not afraid to fight for them

As a born and raised Calgarian, a resident of Mount Pleasant, and someone who has years of experience working and serving the community in this province, I am committed to representing the conservative values that you believe in.

I am humbly asking for your vote on December 6th at the Renfrew Community Association to represent you as your United Conservative Party Candidate for Calgary - Mountain View.

Watch the video below to see why Jeremy is seeking to represent you!

Let’s elect a true conservative in Calgary - Mountain View! Vote Jeremy Wong on Dec 6th!


Are you in Calgary Mountain View?

The Calgary-Mountain View Riding (number 18) includes the communities of:


Capitol Hill
Crescent Heights
Hounsfield Heights/ Briar hill
Mount Pleasant