Thank you so much for your donation! This is a grassroots campaign, meaning that every dollar counts! Contributions will be used towards hosting events, reaching out to constituents, and materials such as flyers and signs. Your contribution makes a difference towards a better Alberta!

Donations are eligible for a tax credit:

Donation Credit Max Total
$0 - $200 75% $150 $150
$201 - $1,100 50% $450 $600
$1,101 - $2,300 33.3% $400 $1,000
$2,300 - $4,000 0% $0 $1,000

Contributions can only be accepted from individuals, and tax receipts can only be issued in the name of the contributor.

Contributors must be ordinarily resident in Alberta and the maximum amount an individual can contribute to any candidate, party, constituency association, nomination or leadership contestant or any combination thereof in a calendar year is $4000.