“It’s time for a new generation of thoughtful, conservative-minded men and women to help lead our great province. Jeremy Wong is one of those young leaders. Intelligent, approachable, deeply committed to his community and to values of integrity, service and fiscal prudence. I hope you will give Jeremy your support.” 

-Gordon Dirks, Former Chair of Calgary Board of Education and Minister of Education


"In my service as a 5-term MLA, I understand the importance of capable, dedicated and principled leadership in government. Jeremy has the experience and educational background to be an effective voice for constituents in Legislature. He was born in Calgary, educated with 2 Master degrees, lives in his constituency and has dedicated his life to serving the people of Calgary. Please join me in supporting Jeremy as our UCP candidate and MLA in Calgary - Mountain View."

-Wayne Cao, Former Calgary MLA (1997-2015) and Deputy Speaker