Integrity, Economy, Environment, Education, Health Care, Fiscal Responsibility, Social Compassion, Rights and Freedoms, Intergenerational, Limited Government, Arts and Culture, Democracy




Principled leadership is very important to good governance. As a community leader and a pastor of a congregation, I have proven my sincerity in leadership and promise to represent the people of this riding with honesty and sincerity.

Supporting our economy:

The last few years have been difficult for our province, with lower commodity prices and poor government policies that have led to high unemployment and a downturn in investment. I will help promote a stable investment environment, supporting our oil and gas industry and getting access to tidewater through pipelines. I also recognize the importance of diversification in our economy. I support restoring the Alberta Advantage with lower taxation and repealing the carbon tax to help businesses and hard working Albertans. 

Environmental Sustainability:

Perhaps a misconception of those on the political right is that supporting our economy and the oil and gas industry means lack of concern for the environment. This is false. Global energy demand will either be met by Canadian resources or by foreign countries with far worse environmental and human rights standards. I am committed to bringing our products to market, while investing in clean energy and promoting sustainable industry practices. Alberta also has a proud agricultural industry, and caring for the earth is part of our heritage.


Ensuring the availability of outstanding educational opportunities for all Albertans is integral to our economic and social well-being. I support equitable funding for all students, school choice to support the diversity of needs, and affirming the role of parents in education.

Health Care:

High-quality, accessible and timely health care is vital for all Albertans. Recognizing the challenges in our current system, I am committed to improving health care by adopting best practices to reduce wait times, increasing efficiencies, and implementing new technologies for better outcomes.

Fiscal Responsibility:

Just like in managing our own family finances, it is important to not overspend or incur interest on debt. The current government does not take into account the cost that debt will have on Alberta and future generations. I believe in balancing the budget and efficient spending of revenue.

Social Compassion:

Our party believes in caring for those in need in our city. As a pastor and an engaged citizen, I deeply believe in caring for those in need, but in ways that do not result in dependency or hinder empowerment and hardwork. I also believe in proper funding for social programs that provide a safety net for those who need it, while partnering with families, communities, churches and other non-profit agencies.

Protection of rights and freedoms:  

I believe that all people, regardless of their race, culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation should be treated with dignity and respect and be free from discrimination. I am committed to protecting religious freedom while respecting diversity. Not all Albertans may have the same views on every issue, but it is important to listen and respect differences in opinion, be inclusive and create dialogue.

Intergenerational Involvement:

Our province is made up of a diverse age demographic, and I am committed to representing the interests of every demographic in our riding. From seniors and those entering retirement, to those in the midst of their careers, to parents raising children, to our youth who are in school or recently graduated and looking for employment, I am dedicated to listening to and addressing your concerns.

Limited Government:

I value the importance of individual freedoms and the role of families and communities in choosing what is best for their own welfare. Supporting a free market economy and limiting the scope and power of government protects citizens from government interference in matters that belong to the private sphere.

Arts and Culture:

Calgary is a growing city with a rich scene for arts and culture. I value the development of the arts that celebrates the expression of the diversity and creativity in our city through art, food, fashion, dance, media, festivals, and events.

Democratic engagement:

Canada is a world leader in championing democracy and preserving the rule of law. I am thankful to be part of this process in seeking the nomination in this election and look forward to representing what is important to you. Every vote counts, and together we can make a difference!

If you have any questions or want to learn more, I would love to chat with you! Feel free to contact me.